What fun learning something new while on holiday! This boutonniere was so quick and easy, the class was finished in literally 15 minutes! I took pictures during the class so I could share the steps with you.  Next prom or wedding you go to you’ll be able to whip one up lickedity split!

I love holidays! I’m sure you do too.  We try and take a week off every summer and go away with the kids to a fun resort where we can swim and hang out.  Both my husband and I have birthdays in August so it is kind of a “Happy Birthday to us” trip!  We’ve found a resort we love in Mexico and headed back there again this year.  This place just amazes me, it’s so fancy but actually really reasonable because it is all-inclusive, everything! is included.  I always come back 10 pounds heavier but hey?!

This year I decided to do something a little different.  They have what they call “life enriching experiences”.  A fancy name for classes that the hotel puts on.  There is sushi making, cocktail making, fruit carving and more.  I decided to take a floral arranging class.

Our class was outside with no air-conditioning! woah…hot work, but fun despite being a hot sweaty mess!  There were about 16 of us in chairs facing the “teacher” who stood behind a table. He walked us through this step-by-step of making a boutonniere.

We worked on our knees, no big workspace needed to make this cute boutonniere.  Here’s what you need:

  • 1 closed lily
  • Long stemmed grass (e.g. lily grass)
  • 3 marguerite daisies or micro poms
  • 1 mokara orchid
  • A baby leaf (e.g. ivy, lemon or even from a house plant!)
  • Green florist tape & scissors

Here we go, only your hands required!

Take the closed lily & 2 stems of long grass

gently curve the grass over into 2 loops, add to the left or right at differing heights/sizes

hold with one hand & using the other hand wrap tightly together (twice around)  with floral tape

Take one daisy, add to the center & wrap twice with tape

Add the second daisy slightly above the 1st daisy and another curved stem of grass on the opposite side of the other grass & wrap twice with tape

Add the final daisy above the other 2 & wrap twice with tape

Add another stem of grass, bent over into a curve and wrap twice

Add the orchid at the bottom and wrap again twice with floral tape

Add the leaf at the back and wrap again

wrap all of the stems again tightly twice

Cut off the excess stem below the tape

The finished boutonniere! It only took 15 minutes to teach 16 people so they will be a lot quicker solo

The teachers finished design

The teacher kindly gave me his so I could see how I went!

This is what the lily will open out to

The teacher’s is on the right and mine is on the left.  I need more practice (!) but not bad for a first shot, totally useable.  It was really easy so give it a go!

Hope you enjoyed this quick 15 min tutorial.  Have fun!