What do you get when you cross one of my favorite party girls, Fizzy Party, with a heap of awesome vendors who just love to party? You get #fizzypartytropfest and that is no joke!  It’s a fun filled crafting spectacular.  Filled with drinks, desserts, photo ops and SWAG! I can’t wait to go to next year!  Hint Hint Fizzy Party!

I couldn’t resist sharing all the details with you, try them out and your tropical party is sure to be a success!

All about Fizzy…

Tiffany (Fizzy Party) and I first met online over pink tulle.  Fizzy has an etsy store that sells amongst other things, gorgeous pom pom tulle drink stirrers.  I bought some to use for my daughter’s cannonball race car party, they made adorable street lamps and were a favorite with the girls!

We then met in person at a conference and have kept in touch ever since, bonding over a shared love of all things Portland.  I think it is my spiritual home (really!) and Tiffany gets to live there.

When Tiffany decided to celebrate her 5th year in business I jumped aboard the Fizzy Party train with an offer to help, as did several of our mutual party girl friends.  A cheer team was born!

From there we had brainstorming sessions, got to ohhh and ahhh over her ideas, play around with crafts in advance and drool over the amazing vendors she collaborated with.  Watching a fellow planner in her element was such a blast and boy she knocked it out of the park!!

Feeling crafty?

The main draw! getting your craft on…my favorite kind of party.  One of the fantastic crafts that took place at the Trop Fest was painting trinket dishes inspired by these.  Fizzy Party had a dish painting station set up (she made sure you had a tasty drink in hand!) and boy did guests get creative!


That’s my bronze pineapple dish (bottom center) with bling and a bow.  I love a good blank canvas to get stuck into.  This is a super easy craft to try out if you are thinking of hosting a craft party! Use crayola model magic (or something similar) to make the dish in any shape you like and then decorate.  Here are the go-to vendors if you want to try this out:


Getting Fizzy with it!

So let’s talk decor.  A tropical themed night is such a fun theme, there is so much you can do with it and I’m loving the trend of featuring pineapples and flamingos.  Fizzy Party nailed it with the help of some of the best vendors out there for cool decor, check them out for everything you need to do tropical well:

  • Paper mache Sweets letters: Darice Crafts
  • Balloons: Celebration Lane
  • Flamingo Straws, mini pink flamingos, flamingo drink floaties, pineapple sunglasses, palm tree drink stirrers:  Oriental Trading
  • Honeycomb pineapples and balls, giant flamingo pool float and gold curtain:  Shindigz  

I also loved some unique decor elements Fizzy used to incorporate the graphics and also to encourage more crafting & fun discussion.  A Pillow that had the invite design imprinted and a full chalkboard backdrop.

Don’t forget tableware, now you can decorate to the level of plates and

Bling decor with pineapple accents

Palm leaves are a must for a tropical soiree!

Lights, camera, flamingo!

Got Swagger?

Great giveaways! One of the things I loved about #fizzypartytropfest was the lengths Tiffany went to to provide her guests with a great party and after party experience. She collaborated with great vendors to provide great swag which not only made guests feel special but also gave them a chance to keep crafting once they get home.  The fun don’t stop as Keisha would say, lol!

Custom tattoos by Kristen McGillivray using graphics by Small Moments

Swag bags and tissue by Nashville Wraps

Game on!

If you want to have a laugh and get people to loosen up, try games! Games are a great addition to any party and it’s always so entertaining to see how competitive people get!

The tropical fest made great use of fabulous flamingos, a game of ring toss was the perfect mix of theme & party fun.  This is also not to difficult to pull together, the flamingos have metal legs made for sticking into lawns so a pot of soil makes a good alternative and can be placed inside or outside.  Add rings….good to go!

Get in my belly!

A party just isn’t complete without a bit of sweet! Mmmmmmmm! I’ve long been a fan of Sweets Indeed and Jelly Belly’s and they are a staple at my own events.  NOW I have more to try! and they don’t just look delicious, they look pretty too!


Macaroons inspired by the fun graphic design on the invitation

eeeee! just eeeeee! to cute! kabobs, jelly beans and those cupcakes!

Cuteness overload! and who knew Oh Nuts! did candy too….wow!

Blow up your instagram!

Tiffany promised you would be able to blow up instagram and she was so right! So many photo ops! Guests could choose the funky backdrop and cute props, like the life size pineapple with heart eyes and flamingo glasses.

Or they could draw on the chalkboard and create their own backdrop or take a ride on a giant flamingo! Who doesn’t want to do that?  I have been seeing those all summer and just can’t get enough of them.


Pulling it all together…

The last thing you need to consider, a must for a party in my books, are printables.  You’ll see in previous posts that this is one of the biggest must haves for me.  They are just such a fantastic way of keeping an event cohesive.  You can weave the theme and your take on the theme throughout the signage, labels, photo booth props, stickers etc.

Fizzy Party used Small Moments Design to create some fabulous graphics, my favorite, the cutest pineapple with hearts for eyes.  Once she had this she was able to weave it into such elements as the tattoos and the badges as well as the signage.  So eye catching and memorable.

Now you have all the details and the exclusive scoop on Fizzy Party’s Tropical Fest Crafting party.  I hope you’ll be inspired to host your own craft party.  Go check out the vendors, grab some goodies for your shopping cart and get your party on, you’ll have a blast, I promise!!

Full list of vendors:


Desserts & Candy 

Party Tableware



Craft Supplies