Wow, it is the last week of the school year already.  It always seems to creep up so fast!

How are you going preparing your teachers holiday gifts?  Do you have many? I think I am nearly there …eek!  We have a lot at our school, at least 12 or more every year.

I’m always looking for a fun and unique gift idea that the kids can help me put together.  This year we had fun putting together chalk craft and succulent kits.

I did NOT receive compensation for this post. I did receive some free products to review.  All project ideas and any opinions expressed here are my own.  For further information on our disclosure policy please check out our disclosure page.

Most of the items can be bought in bulk packs through Oriental Trading which helps when I have so many to prepare.  The packs are usually in sets of 12 so I can cover all of the teachers with 1 or 2 packs.  Sometimes there is even a “Merry Christmas to me” with an extra one or two left over.

Here are the DIY instructions for the gift pack I put together.  This is a guide only. There are lots of cute chalkboard products you could add or switch out to your preference and still get the same feel as our teacher gifts.

You can also keep costs lower by making slightly different selections or by amending quantities.  For example, a festive cardboard gable box instead of a tin lunch box, or letter stickers over magnetic.  Putting only 1 chalk pen or 1 succulent set into the gift pack rather than 2 or 3.  I’ve included links for other options in this post.



Here’s what you need (with shopping links):


Other options / change outs:

The kids and I were able to make a little assembly line to get them done all in one go.  First of all we got all of our supplies and made groupings of each item.

My daughter, who is 4, opened the tin lunch box and put the tissue in the bottom of the box while I put ribbon and tissue around the pots. Then she put in the pots and other items (I put one together first so she could copy the same lay out).

My son, who is 8, then taped the Pantone card inside the lid and wrote Happy Holidays.  I took charge of the glue and attached a mini Christmas wreath underneath.

While we waited for the glue to dry the kids went through the magnetic letters and came up with short Christmas sayings or song lyrics like “Ho Ho Ho” and “Fa La La”.

Then I would tie off the tin boxes with wired ribbon, threading mini decorations on as a center “bow” and then they would add the letters.

It didn’t take long before we were all finished. Team work!  Parker’s smile giving her gift to her teachers says it all.  She was so proud of herself for filling them up and showed the teachers everything one by one once they opened them.  So cute!

Line the tin box with tissue

add festive ribbon to the pot

wired ribbon is super easy to tie

Place pots & succulents in the tin

Add chalk pen (or selection)

Add mini chalkboards & washi tape

Choose pantone card

Tape to lid so it can be removed

Write your message & add a small decoration

shut box and tie with ribbon

Add mini decorations to the knot

curve wire ribbon & add letters


Here are the complete gift kits – inside and out.

The finished kit (inside)


The finished kit (outside)


The teachers loved their mini kits and promise to bring their potted creations to school to show Parker.  They also said the great thing about the magnetic lunch box was that they can now keep other craft items inside that too.

Hope you enjoyed this quick DIY tutorial and are inspired to create.  Have fun!

Nat x

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