As a New Zealander, I grew up with an appreciation for nature.  I guess you could say I was raised in a nation of eco warriors.  Greenpeace NZ, nuclear free NZ and tidy kiwi’s (no littering!).

It’s with a sense of national pride that we support conservation, upcycling, recycling, vintage, eco-friendly, you name it, we do it and love it!

This includes a love of natural products like wood.  Personally, I love how two identical products will still be unique because of the natural differences you find in each piece of wood.

It is the wood that initially drew me to Jord watches.  Once I started looking at the craftsmanship, it’s hard not to see how gorgeous they are.  I couldn’t believe the variety of wood available, bamboo, sandalwood, walnut and more.

Keep reading for details of the giveaway sponsored by Jord Watches. Or be impatient like me and click now! Everyone receives an e-gift card! 

I did NOT receive compensation for this post. I did receive the product to review.  All ideas and any opinions expressed here are my own.  For further information on our disclosure policy please check out our disclosure page.

I’m not a girly girl so I love that the woman’s range has such a wide variety of classic colors to choose from.  Stylish watch face designs that highlight the natural beauty of the wood.  Eco-Chic! Don’t tell my husband but next (!!) I’d love to get my hands on one of the men’s watches…for me.

I choose the Frankie-35, it has a stunning navy blue watch face and a zebra wood band.   I’ve fallen a little more in love with it every day and it’s unique!


It started with the ordering process. They make it easy for you to get just the right custom fit with a band that you can print out to measure your wrist and then information to allow for the type of fit you are looking for.   When you receive the watch you also get an extra link should you want to change the fit and make it looser.

Then it arrived.

I’m a total packaging geek and this packaging is so cool.  To me quality presentation, can give a good indication of the quality of the product.  The attention to detail was impeccable.  A solid wood box, solid and well made.  It has a little drawer at the bottom that opens out and holds the cleaning product. Then the watch itself rests around a sweet little pillow made of natural fiber with a logo pressed into the wood tag.

I’m so happy that the experience of wearing the watch lives up to the unveiling.  The custom sizing is great; it allows me to wear the watch how I like it, a little looser.

As a DIY crafter and party planner, I’m constantly on the go.  I’m finding the watch incredibly light to wear which fits in with my lifestyle perfectly.

The zebrawood I choose goes with everything, I’m loving it with my favorite cozy grey winter sweaters.   It works when I’m out walking my dog or snuggling by the fire!  The colors are just perfect for this chilly season.  Even better it gives a stylish edge to my event day “blacks”!

Looking forward there is going to be more to love about Jord watches.  Firstly, maintenance is a breeze; the watches are automatic so I don’t need to invest in new batteries and secondly, I have just the thing for upcoming “special birthdays”. I’m always looking for unique gifts that aren’t to heavy to send to friends and family back in New Zealand and Australia.  It’s only $20 to ship Jord watches internationally.  Sorry if I spoiled the surprise guys!

I am so excited because my friends at JORD watch and I are giving away a $100 e-gift card! If you think “I never win anything” well think again, you will get a $25 e-gift card to JORD just for entering. Yippeeee!

The giveaway ends February 2/28/17 so you have time to use it for yourself or as a gift. Enter here for the giveaway.


Happy Shopping Friends!


Luxury Wooden Watch

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