You’ve  chosen an outdoor wedding in summer.   Whether you are getting married at the beach, in a field or a garden, outdoor weddings are so very romantic.  Nature emphasizes the beauty of your celebration.

A unity ceremony is something you can incorporate that fits in perfectly with an outdoor ceremony.  It adds a little more sentiment to the celebration and gives you a symbolic keepsake of your commitment and the joining of the your lives.

I love including a sand ceremony in a summer wedding celebration so I’m sharing my inspiration and DIY tips to create your own sand ceremony and keepsake.

I did NOT receive compensation for this post. I did receive some free products to review.  All project ideas and any opinions expressed here are my own.  For further information on our disclosure policy please check out our disclosure page.


The inspiration for this sand ceremony was the bright, happy feel of 70’s summer beach culture.  That fun and colorful boho vibe.

To capture the spirit and energy of this era I combined fresh popping neon, pink, orange and yellow against a white color palette.  I also added twine, metallic, and natural wood elements for a more organic feel.   The addition of geometric lanterns, a bright gold cactus and fresh flowers kept the look current and modern.

I was able to create the entire sand ceremony and get the look for under $175.  It is a cost effective addition to your celebrations.  I was able to get most of the decor from the Oriental Trading wedding range.  They have some beautiful boho inspired pieces at great prices. Here is what you will need to create this vignette:

Now you have everything you need let’s work on the neon vibe with some simple DIY steps.

First: to give the macrame backdrop a more vibrant feel I took a couple of easy steps:

  • Pick a bright neon color.  I chose pink.  Hang the macrame outside and lightly spray paint from the bottom moving upwards.
  • I was a foot or 2 away at the start and increased the distance between myself and the macrame as I moved upwards. This way the color was not as intense, lighter as I moved up.
  • I also stopped about half way up so the top half remained white.  I was left with an ombre transition of color.

If you are unsure, experiment with a piece of paper that you hang in the same position so you can get the color intensity you are looking for.  Next:

  • Take bright colored flowers that you can even pick up from the supermarket and weave them into the holes at the top of the macrame.

If it is a particularly hot day or you will be leaving the flowers out for some time, attach flower aqua tubes to the back of the macrame over the stems.

Second: to tie the hourglass, flower box and candles into the neon theme I incorporated the colors I had chosen and did some DIY design & painting:

  • Use painters tape to section off the areas you are going to paint from those you will not.  For example, I created diagonal stripes across the top of the hourglass and stripes around the bottom of the planter and candles.  Tip:  I also put painters tape around the glass to avoid splashes ruining the finish;
  • On the varnished wood, lightly sand the areas that are going to be painted (this was not necessary on the flower planter as it is unvarnished);
  • Paint the areas where you want color. Use as many coats as necessary;
  • Remove the painters tape.

You can use painters tape over a painted area if you want to add an additional color next to that area.  For example, I painted the pink, let it dry and then covered it with painters tape and added the yellow.

Use tape to outline your design & protect the glass

Lightly sand the areas you are painting

Paint as many layers as required

Lastly, plant cactus in the planter box and decorate the bottles that will hold the sand.


  • Wrap the bottles with 10-15 strands of macrame twine;
  • On top of the twine add a strand of neon ribbon;
  • Attach a contrasting neon tassel;
  • Add the sand.


Now to pull it all together.

I set the table first with the white linen round tablecloth and then placed the lace tablecloth over the top to give the boho look I wanted for the tablescape.  The table was then placed in front of the macrame backdrop.  This was hung from the trees and with the addition of the florals bought gorgeous natural color into the backdrop.

The centerpiece of the table was the sand timepiece, I placed this towards the back of the table as it was the highest point on a small table.

To one side I placed the sand ready for our bride and groom and on the other side the gold cactus which I placed on a small cake stand to give it some height, bringing variation in depth to the table.


To the front of table I placed a framed version of the vow both couples would read.  This vow incorporated a boho design created by Small Moments Design .  She also incorporated the neon color palette . The final addition to the table – a small bud vase with a few of the fresh flowers and a candle holder.

To balance the vignette so the bottom half was not all white I added the painted planter, bud vase and candle holder onto a wooden box.

On the opposite side, 2 glass lanterns with florals attached to the handles.

All done, ready for our bride and groom to say their vows and pour the sand.

I absolutely loved styling this boho neon sand ceremony and hope it helps inspire you to incorporate a sand ceremony into your wedding this season!