Having a baby is such a special time in your life.  It’s also a wonderful guessing game from beginning to end.  Especially when it comes to the gender.  Will it be a boy or a girl?  You love to guess and so do your friends and family.

All of the old wives tales come out…it’s a boy cause it’s sitting low, it’s a girl cause you are craving sardines on toast!?

You wonder and wonder and then….all is revealed!  Including the sweepstake winner at the end of this post!


Photo Credit: Mandy Kay Photography


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I love the drama and anticipation of gender reveals in particular.  I could not wait to find out if I was having a boy or girl, allowing me to then choose a name, plan the nursery and pick clothes….eee! Such a planner!

Whether you are having a party or you are just looking for a super cute way to let family and friends know whether you are having a boy or girl, here are some my favorite party themes, reveals, guessing games and announcements to give you some inspiration.

They are my favorites because, to me, the most important and creative thing is choosing something that is meaningful to you as a couple or as a family.  This can be as simple as including siblings or a pet in the announcement or as elaborate as a party and sign writing in the sky!

Photo Credit: Mandy Kay Photography


The Party Theme

Here are my top 5 favorite themes for a gender reveal party:


  1. Mixing feminine & masculine details
    • Lashes and Stashes
    • Ties or Tutus
    • Cowboys or Cowgirls
    • Buck or Doe
  1. The use of a good pun!
    • What will it bee
  1. Classic gender
    • Mister or Miss
    • Pink or Blue
  1. Making the choice a competitive sport!
    • Team boy and Team girl
  1. A favorite book or nursery rhyme
    • Wish upon a star
    • Harry Potter – sorting hat



Party Credit: Modern Moments Design


Photo & Party Credit: Laura’s Little Party


Dont’ forget Evite© has the right invite for any of these themes.  Look at this gorgeous Twinkle Twinkle Little Star invite.  This is one of my favorites, it was my daughters absolute favorite nursery rhyme.  Going back in time this would have been the theme!


The Guessing Game

With technology now you don’t have to have a party to share the excitement of guessing the babies gender.

When my friends in New Zealand and Australia have their babies we use social media and messaging to create a guessing pool on gender, weight and time of birth!

If you are having a party, include guests in the guessing to build the anticipation.   There are many ways to make their choice on the record!

Here are 5 of my favorites.


  1. Make your mark
    • A scoreboard
    • A chalkboard tally
  1. Wear your guess
    • Team shirts
    • little buttons they can wear on their sleeve
    • Pegs clipped onto their lapel
    • Beads or necklaces
  1. Food or drink selection
    • Cotton candy
    • Candy Buffet
    • Colored drinks
  1. Take a photo of your guess
    • Use photo booth props to capture the guess
  1. Secret ballot
    • Cast your vote in secret

Photo & Party Credit: Le Partie Sugar via Pizzazzerie

The Reveal

The moment you announce the gender to your friends and family.  What I love about the reveal is that it can work well at a party or without the party.

If you just can’t face a party, are on bed rest or want to keep that moment more intimate.  Then you can use an online announcement or capture a fun couple or family reveal with a picture or video, using this to make your announcement.


Credit: Betty Crocker


Here are my 5 favorite in person reveals:


  1. A fun “explosion”
    • Confetti or Holi Powder
    • Filled box, cannon or piñata, smoke bomb or filled ball – e.g. Home run, holi powder balls
    • Fireworks
  1. Food or drink
    • Cake, cookies or cupcakes.  Cake pops, donuts, fortune cookies.  Even bubble gum!
  1. Balloons
    • Boxes – balloon release if there are 2 of them (if they can agree on who gets to let go of the balloon vs. who holds it!) or multi balloon bag release…. Aim, shoot, burst – darts or bows & arrows into balloons with color / abstract art
  1. Goodie boxes; Surprise boxes
    • A sibling jumps out with a boxes or surprise eggs reveal with a message inside (this is something you can also send out to each of your family)
  1. Games
    • Game – Scratch cards, pull card or puzzle

Like I mentioned above, each of these moments can be captured and used to communicate to friends and family on Evite, an extra special announcement.  It’s such a fantastic moment captured for the world to see.  Encourage the recipients to record their reactions!

The Announcment

Or you can stick to a photo only reveal & announcement.  A picture really does say a thousand words.

Photo Credit: Mandy Kay Photography


Here are my favorite 5 types of images to take to communicate a gender reveal:

  1. Use colored baby clothing
    • Onesies or Shoes
    • Crowns for girls
  1. Say it with words
    • Chalkboard or Retrogram board
    • Lightbox
    • Scrabble or Vintage letters
    • Messages in the sand or snow
    • Blocks
  1. Use the Bump
    • Decorate the sonogram picture
    • Tie a ribbon around mom’s bump
  1. Use classic color
    • Paint hand marks
  1. Have fun with props
    • Books
    • Umbrellas
    • Toys

I hope you enjoyed this round up of baby gender reveals and it inspires you to create a moment that is meaningful to you and your family.

If you are wondering who won the #MyBabyReveal sweepstakes…this is the winner!

Isn’t it super cute and fun!

Photo Credit: Mandy Kay Photography