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The most beautiful thing in my life right now is my friend Jane.  She has been fighting breast cancer for several months now and is the strongest, most positive person I know.

From the moment of diagnosis, I have been lucky enough to be there to share that journey with her.  I say lucky because, not only has it brought us closer (we used to think we talked about everything…. now we really do), I also now learned so much about what it takes to battle this disease.  I realized I could help her fight it and so could you, with your blood and your platelets.

Jane was brave enough to share her vulnerability and she asked for help.  It is true it really does take a village to fight cancer.

We, as a tight-knit group of friends and school community, reached out to the wider group of Jane’s friends and a network of support was built.  We had a schedule that covered everything from her blood draws, her treatments, her surgeries to her appointments.  One of us was always there, we drove her to the hospital and stayed with her, we listened and we watched her battle.

When I went with Jane the thing that struck me the most was firstly how her amazing energy impacted those around us but also how many people it took to help her fight.  It was not just the oncologist, there is a multitude of administrators, nurses, doctors, support groups, hairdressers and more involved in the many appointments.

Some days the battle was emotional, the loss of hair.  The kids even stepped in to support Jane during these times, my daughter donated her hair to Jane and Jane’s son got a matching buzz cut.  Other days we were there from early in the morning through to the evening and at each point there was something being taken from or put into Jane’s body.  As I looked around the chemo suite at the other patients being treated with Jane I didn’t realize at the time that cancer requires more than chemotherapy, they need rehydration, tablets for all sorts of side effects and importantly blood and platelets.  Platelets being even more vital as only have a shelf life of five days, so donations are always needed.

We walk the cancer walks, we put our efforts into raising money to fight and to encourage more research.  We need to keep doing those things, but now I know there is something else that I can do that doesn’t even take much time or effort.  My body produces enough blood to give every 56 days!  That is 6 times a year that I can donate and help someone.

It shocked me when I was researching with my friends how many had personally had a transfusion or had one or more children that had had a transfusion.  To get a little statistical with you, every 2 seconds someone in the US needs a transfusion of donated blood.  Not just accident victims and cancer patients, people undergoing orthopedic surgeries, undergoing organ and marrow transplants, cardiovascular surgeries or being treated for inherited blood disorders need them.

In addition to donating blood, you can also donate plasma, which has the same life-saving effect and is in great need. Plasma contains important proteins and nutrients which help treat severe burns, traumas, blood clotting disorders, organ transplants and premature infants.

Consider my mind blown!

So now, Jane has reached the end of her chemotherapy journey.  She has shared everything with us, the up’s the downs.  We call her the Buddha and we know her as a warrior. She is equal part open with her life insights and steely determination.  She has completed her surgery and she is about to start radiation therapy.

We as a group continue to support her, we’ve united and celebrated her strength and determination.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Now each of us will be more aware of what we can do.  We’ve seen first-hand how many it takes and what it takes to get our friends and family through these life and death situations. I hope each one of us will now think about this and regularly give blood.  If everyone in this group picture below gave blood 6 times a year think of how many lives would be saved.  Up to 3 per donation!

Now, I ask you now to #BeImpulsive.  If not because of what my experience with Jane has given you but because in summer while we holiday and laugh in the sun, blood donations go down 20%.  The need for blood doesn’t go down.  There is someone in your life today that could benefit from your donation.

How can YOU get involved? Find out at BeImpulsiveRSVP.com. #BeImpulsive.

For more on Jane’s story, check out https://www.facebook.com/janethebadassbuddhaac/

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